Sunday, October 19, 2008

Our WW Kayaking Playground Close to Home

This is a picture of the Dauphin Narrows. Its located in Dauphin County, about 5 miles north of the state capital of Harrisburg. The Susquehanna River narrows between two mountains, creating a faster than its normal lazy flow among rocky outcroppings; thus, the ultimate training ground for perfecting skills for whitewater kayaking. My hubby and I spend a bunch of time here in the summer - at least once a week during daylight hours (its already ended for the season), and weekends too when there's no flow anywhere else due to low rainfall creating low water levels. Right now, Rick is keeping is skills sharp that he's worked on all summer by paddling in the narrows for his final (maybe) river run of the year -- the Tohickon Dam Release on Nov 1. Jill will be hiking and watching from the river bank for this one.

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