Saturday, May 7, 2011

"XC Race Simulation"

Thursday evening's training session was our first of four "XC Race Simulation" sessions for the final Race Prep Training from the Chris Eatough training plan for the Trans-Sylvania Epic. I honestly can't recall the last time I rode at race pace - riding so hard I hit a new max heart rate of 182. We were to do 2x30 minutes at 85-90% of our max heart rate. Can't say what my average heart rate was during the 30 minute intervals, but suffice it to say it was more like 95% most of the time. We climbed hard, descended fast, and screamed bloody murder at spots. Riding fast certainly boosts the fitness level. Only three more of these until the race which is good because they are not easy! (And to think the pros will ride that pace or faster the duration of the Epic. They ain't human.) Thursday's ride was at Swatara State park which is sort of like the Raystown stage with shorter and less steep uphill sections. The next three sessions will be at "The Farm" which is also lacking rocks, but has some steeper, longer climbs. The Farm should be a good place to do these XC simulations too. We'll get to finally see how we compare with others at race pace because some of the Mountainside folks should be riding at the farm on Wednesday. Friday was an endurance paced trail ride and I couldn't get on my local trails due to hunting. So I rode the berm of the roads, fields, and up farmers stony driveways. It felt like a pretty good trade off. Today is a 4-hour endurance ride in Michaux that will simulate one of the stages at the Epic with a good mix of fire road, climbs, rocks, and singletrack. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Dubya!

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