Monday, May 9, 2011

Using That Little Ring

Yesterday's 3-hour endurance road ride followed Saturday's 4-hour endurance mountain trail ride which was a BUNCH of climbing. So what route did I decide to do yesterday not really thinking it through? You guessed it - one with even more climbing. It's a lovely back road ride in Lower Northumberland county, Pennsylvania, along the Mahantango mountain to the Susquehanna river. I had forgotten how hilly it is and after Saturday's climbing ride, each hill was agonizing - even on a road bike. I recall when I bought my road bike, I hesitated because of the 3rd little ring (it's a touring bike, not a "real" road bike). But boy-o-boy was I a happy little girl to shift down into that tiny little ring yesterday on each and every hill. Today, the legs are screaming. I'm super-grateful we have two rest days this week. Thanks Coach - you know what you're doing, don't you!

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