Thursday, May 12, 2011

Almost the Two Week Countdown to the TSE

It's hard to believe its almost here. After over 8 months of training, the Trans-Sylvania Epic is around the corner. The lists are made and packing has begun, but am I physically ready for this thing? Was the 20-week Eatough winter training plan and the 12-week Transylvania Epic-specific training plan enough? Will the 8 pounds I gained during that 8 months of training be a detriment or complement (there's a little muscle in there, I think!). Will I be able to accomplish a feat never before attempted: 7 days of mountain bike riding, er, "racing"? I'm a Joe, so I can't say I'll be "racing" for 7 days. My racing skills of years ago are rarely tapped these days and endurance riding is a welcome change. There were a couple XC Simulations in the training plan, but they were painful. So what are my thoughts on each day unfolding? Day one shouldn't be much of a problem at 10 miles - especially in a time-trial prologue. I like day one. Day two is the most difficult they claim at 43 miles. But its also open to the public so we're happy there may not be a cut-off. Stage 3 is 47 miles and to be honest, from there on out I can't be sure what will happen. Stage 4 is 42 miles of Lake Raystown - my LEAST favorite stage. You heard that right. I don't care much for the Raystown trails. They are very un-natural to me and I despise getting air. And because I won't be going fast to get air, there's a possibility I won't make the cut-off. But we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Stage 5 is mini cross country races at R.B. Winter - one of my favorite places to ride. I sure hope I have legs left by then so I can enjoy the trails in RB Winter. Stage 6 is the famed Rothrock Tussey Mountain. Again, hoping I can muster up some legs and energy at this point of the race to do that stage. And finally, the 7th stage is Bald Eagle Little Poe which I understand is a fun ride because by this last day, most "racers" are ready to just "ride." Huh -- they'll ALL be Joes on the 7th stage. I'm very, very much looking forward to the experience. I'm a sucker for a challenge and this is truly one to remember that will go down in the record books. I try real hard not to think about cut-offs or even "will I finish." The thought process has been focused on just doing what it takes to be ready for it, then just go do it and take whatever is dished out. If I feel good - I'll ride my heart out! If I feel tired - I'll SLEEP (and eat) when I'm done riding. I'm anxious to see this all come together. And of course I'm ready to ride this thing with my training pardner for the past 8 months -- Donna. I think we'll both be in celebration mode the entire week! We made it. We're going to the Trans-Sylvania Epic.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Huh... I didn't know you felt that way about raystown!

Fyi - Vagisil works great on chamois rash and i think i need to order smaller shorts!!