Sunday, May 8, 2011

Nuthin' Like Michaux for Training

The trails of Michaux State Forest have come a long way since my first race there in 2002. I recall rocks - and lots of them - in 4-wheeler torn doubletrack with washed sections and mud holes a foot deep. I remember worn in trail from years of use with banked corners. Yesterday, we rode Michaux for 4 hours and the newer trails nowadays are pristine, flowing, less rocky, and oh-so-sweet. I couldn't begin to tell you trail names other than Vista, but we were on some lovely singletrack intertwined with doubletrack, fire road, rail trail and road. We climbed, and climbed, and climbed. I think it was 4 or 5 times we went up and down the sides of mountains. What better way to prep for the TSE. The Dubya's did a fine job of laying out a route even though we ended up re-routing the end at the 3 hour marker 'cause we were all a little giddy at that point and just wanted to get home and eat steak. Yesterday was my last training session in Michaux. (:() Next weekend is Greenwood Furnace and the following weekend will be close to home to catch up on domestic stuff because the following two weekends are the Epic. Today is a 3-hour road ride. I really wanted to get out at 6:00 am so I could enjoy the day with my mother, but we were fogged in so the ride will be this evening. In exactly three weeks, we'll be suiting up for the prologue, the first day of the TSE. Three weeks will be here before we know it. Holy training-session Batman - the Epic is almost here and 8 months of training is coming to end. What a journey.

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