Sunday, May 22, 2011

Rain in the Forecast for the TSE - Really?

I cannot tell a lie -- I went off the training plan yesterday. Yes, I did the 3.5 hours of "endurance ride at 70-75% of Heart rate (exactly 75% at 135 average) at a pace I'd be riding the TSE (I thought of Donna pushing me the entire time so we make the cut-offs! I pushed hills and pedaled like hell on the down hill and flat sections), but I did it on the cross bike on back country roads. Why? Because I'm preserving the little bit of tolerance of wet conditions I have remaining for the Trans-Sylvania Epic. AND, I cleaned my bike real good and gave it a thorough going over (Rick helped) and I don't want to ride it anymore before the Epic. I had this feeling rain would be in the forecast - we can't go for 7 days without rain at the Epic -- and when I looked at the long range forecast this morning, low and behold, they are calling for rain 6 of the 7 days. BUT -- that ain't a problem! We've been training in rainy conditions, so BRING IT! We're ready! After all, it's mountain biking and a little mud ain't gonna hurt a thing. Today I'll hit the local mountain on my back-up bike - the niner - for a two hour stint. That bike will then get a thorough cleaning for its trip next week. We're in the final 5 days of training. Wow... it's almost over. It's been one hell of a journey!

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