Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ready for Anything -- Training in Rain, Sleet, or Hail

Mom nature has really been cooking up some strange dishes lately. Last weekend, Donna and Brett had to ride in something like a monsoon in Raystown (I would have been there too if the flu didn't hit); this week was quirky with more rain than sun and yes, we trained in a pelting sleet/rain mix on Friday night during our Stony climb. Saturday was to be a 4.5 hr Swatara ride and guess what it was doing Saturday when we woke up? Donna was a little weary of the mud and cold, so we actually stayed indoors on the trainer on Saturday. Neither of us really wanted to be indoors, but neither of our hubbies are too keen on replacing drive trains from riding in gritty mud either. So we spent 3 hrs on the trainer listening to Coach Troy. It was good. Today, Easter Sunday, the sun shine peaked through a little at daybreak. It was a beautiful sunrise ride. I headed to my local mountain for a short 3.5 hour, 25 mile half road/half trail jaunt. Hubby informed me when I got home we're going paddling this afternoon in the local creek (the water is higher than normal making it a perfect paddling level). So that will be the icing on the weekend exercise cake. The week coming is R&R. My flu bug/congestion is gone and I'd really like to ride since I missed last weekend, but I better stick to the plan, as the coach suggested.

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