Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bring on the Intervals

Tuesday night's interval session brought the legs and energy back to that gee-I-feel-good level. After Sunday's too much bad food episode and Monday's lackluster easy ride, it was really nice to have an all-out sweatfest. Yes, I was on the trainer on Tuesday. It was 42 degrees with a 20mph wind making the wind chill for a road ride a little colder than I care to tolerate for a spring day. Anyways, I'm all for the concentrated workout you get on the trainer. I know, just "Buck up Buttercup" and get the hell out. I figure I'll have plenty of times to buck up come later this spring AND of course during the Epic. For now, I ain't got no buck to up. I'm saving it for later. Wednesday night was rest although I was ready to ride last night. Still feeling good today, tonight is another interval session. It's 8x2min at 85% of max heart rate (that's a 154 heart rate for me). "Short hard efforts on the hills and steady and efficient everywhere else. If possible, choose rocky trails with short hills." I have to hang close to home because hubby has things to do at home, so my only option is the mountain near my house. Luckily, there's a washed out fire road climb that is perfect for these intervals. And when I'm done with the climbs, I can tool around on some virgin trail with lots of logs. It's not much, so I'll do a couple out and backs, then head home. Tomorrow will likely be another concentrated trainer session since rain is in the forecast and mother has my day planned for me (she's good at that!).

Some interesting tidbits of info on the TSE registrants:

58 total

  • 44 men (19 open, 3 in 50+, 13 in 40+ and 9 singlespeeders)

  • 14 women (12 open, 1 - 50+, 1 singlespeed)

  • Only 15 from Pennsylvania.
The women are still batting an average of 25% of all registrants which is phenomenal for a female to male turnout in a mountain bike event. It's funny, I entered this thing because there was a category for old-bat women; but now my attitude is to have fun and just enjoy the ride. After reading about Selene and Cheryl at the Cape Epic, I can imagine Donna and I will have as much fun (and not-so-fun moments, I'm sure) at the TSE. Yes, we plan to ride together for the whole thing as much as possible. Even though we likely won't get an official duo category since no other duos are entered, we'll still ride together. Maybe we can pick up some other girls that are riding this for the challenge too and not really competing like the pros will. That would be awesome. Only 51 Days left! yeh baby...

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