Sunday, April 10, 2011

Chasing the Turkeys from Their Breakfast

Sorry guys... but I got things to do today so get off the trail and quit scratching and rooting things up. My van was the first one in the parking lot this morning at 7:00 am at the Rattling Creek Trails. Yes, I scared the turkeys. They had one hell of mess in the trail - musta been something good under those leaves. They went flying the second they heard me. Yesterday was a great ride with Donna in Michaux State Forest. We rode for 3.5 hours hitting a little bit of everything -- rocks, roots, logs, climbs, singletrack and fire road. Today's plan said road or trail for 3 hours and initially I planned on doing the entire Rattling Creek singletrack loop, but opted for a 22 mile singletrack/snowmobile combo. It ended up being trail AND road (snowmobile trail is a cross between double track and fire road without the stones) for 3 hours. I was a little concerned how I'd feel after yesterday, but thanks to Hammer Perpetuem solids, I actually felt good when I was done and came home and did this for another 2 hours. I'm dead now. Sitting back sipping coffee, blogging, and will pick up a book shortly.

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