Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back in the Saddle

After being sick with the 24-hour flu over the weekend, last night was the first day back on the bike with an easy spin on the trainer and today was an easy spin on the road with the mountain bike. Both felt fantastic. Today, especially, I felt strong -- an obvious positive side effect of laying off for a couple days. Tomorrow is a 2-hour ride on the Rattling Creek trails of which I think I'm going to test out some speed and see how many miles I can get on singletrack in 2 hours. I can't imagine it will be much different than what I've been putting in - about 12-14 miles in two hours depending which trails I ride (I've been doing mostly climbing). I think I'll do a half and half -- half singletrack and half snowmobile trail and/or fire road. They say many of the stages at the Epic are a mix, so why not do the same at Rattling Creek.

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