Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Post Flu Training

So the flu was short-lived, thank god! The fever didn't stay much longer than a 24-hour period and I still have some sniffles, but very little. The coach says, "Make sure you recover completely, then give yourself 2 days of easy riding to build back into the routine, then resume the training wherever that puts you. Don't worry about making up for lost time. It really doesn't work that way, and you just have to accept that everyone gets sick sometimes and move on from there." I really wanted to spin easy last night but my better judgment said, no, don't. Even Rick said, "what... you're actually going to take that advice??" So tonight I'm psyched to spin easy for 2 hours. It's raining, so it'll be all indoors which is fine by me for the first time back on the bike since Friday. I feel confident the break was not a detriment. It wasn't much longer than a normal rest week and I may replace one of the rest days next week with a road ride since I missed this past weekend. We'll see how it goes the remainder of this week and the weekend. Donna and I are a little concerned about making the cut-offs for the stages at the Epic so we're going to test our speed this weekend at Swatara. We plan to do 3 loops of all the trails in 4.5 hours. That would make it 40-something miles which is comparable to the Raystown loop. We haven't really been riding out of our endurance zones too much, so we decided its time to start crushing a little. Crossing our fingers....

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