Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rick Fesler Wins The Hyner Challenge! Chrissy Bohensky takes 15th in Women!

"You're mouth is hanging open like a codfish!" That's what Rick said to me when I opened the results of the Hyner View Challenge and saw Rick Fesler at the very top of the list! And then I look for Chrissy and see her at 15th of all 328 women! OMG... those two are incredible! For those that don't know who the heck Rick Fesler is, he's a 28 year old triathlete from Carlisle who just so happens to be one of my former team mates boyfriend. We haven't seen Chrissy much lately 'cause she's always with Rick -- running, biking, swimming and going to races. And it must be paying off judging by their finish at the Challenge. And your next question is, what the heck is the Hyner View Challenge? It's a 16.8 mile trail run in Nothern PA with BIG mountains to climb that Donna and I are thinking about doing next year (thanks to Born to Run for giving us fever!) Rick's time was 2:22 and Chrissy did it in 3:35. I'm SOOO impressed by both -- congratulations you two!

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