Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Four Days to the Tough Mudder - Weather for the Event

Sunday forecast for Bear Creek, Allentown Pennsylvania:

40% chance of Scattered thunderstorms, overnight low of 63 and a high on Sunday of 86.

Damn! I have to rethink my wardrobe. The long tights I was planning to wear will be too hot even if they are soaked most of the time. A switch will have to be made to tri shorts. I really wanted to wear something long to help protect the legs and knees from any road rash from crawling around on the ground and the mud getting caked on everything and rubbed in, but that ain't gonna happen now. The only long lightweight tights I own have bike pads in them and that ain't gonna work in water, then running in them. It's gotta be a tri-pad. The tri-shorts will have to work.

As for the thunderstorms? Bring them on! We're gonna be wet and muddy anyway, why not a little fresh water coming from the sky!

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