Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Just Five More Days to the Tough Mudder

The training is over and the pre-race (er, "event") jitters and head swimming has begun. If only it was as easy as just showing up and running. The Tough Mudder organizers did a stupendous job of keeping participants informed. From their very thorough website to their e-mails to participants with participant packets, they cover it all. This is a mud run, which means we'll be covered in grime from head to toe and their ain't showers. Granted, the fire company will hose off the worst of the crud, but we'll still have to completely strip after the event and clean out the dirt-filled crevices as best we can until we can get to our showers. Thank god for vans which are the bestest of changing rooms. And then there's the race itself -- what to wear, what energy to drag along, where will I put my energy, etc. Here's a run-down of what I planned out for the event:

Wearing ready-to-toss long running tights. They may be heavy for Sunday's temps in the 70's, but if I'm gonna be wet and muddy, I might be glad for the thickness. I think I'm wearing tri shorts underneath them and a tri top with a bright green old thin top over the tri top. My blubbering belly can't be exposed, thus, the green top over everything. It's snug enough to swim in and long enough to cover the belly pouch.

Also taking a swim cap -- not exactly sure we'll need. I'm still thinking about what to put on my head so my grey locks aren't in my face all the time. I wish I had a snug-fitting buff. I have a red-flowered buff, but it'll come right off when I hit the water. I might have to just pull it up on top of my head in a ponytail. Not sure on that one yet.

Energy - I can't do anything longer than 90 minutes without a fix of something carbohydrate loaded. I'm sticking two gel packs in my shorts. They say there's two water stops on the course which will work out fine.

What time to leave -- we have to be at our staging area by 11:15. I always like to be at an event at least an hour before start time to get parked, registered, and double check everything before the start gun. So that means get there at 10:00ish, leaving home at 8:30ish, picking up Kera at 9:00ish at our meeting spot. We may have to leave a little earlier in the event the parking is full at Bear Creek and we end up going to the overflow spot which is 6 miles away and at least an extra 1/2 hour travel time. It would be much easier to be able to park at Bear Creek and let everything in the van to change, etc. Dragging it in a shuttle would be a pain in the ass, but we may have no choice given 4,998 other people are thinking the same thing.

The crowds. Rick said last night he wasn't sure how he's going to get pictures of us. I told him take the map of the course, and just go from obstacle to obstacle and watch for us. There's enough running in between each obstacle that he should have time to get from point A to point B and take some pics. I think he'll be more entertained then us!

The lines. with 5,000 people, there's bound to be some jam ups at some of the obstacles. In reality, this is a run, stop, run, stop, wait, run, jump, wait, run, stop, wait.

Last night's ez 4 mile run felt really good, except when I tripped on road-berm garbage and scraped the hell out of my right hand. My knee is boogered up too on the surface. Damn road crap. tonight is the YMCA for some spinning and weights, tomorrow is kayaking, and Thursday is another 4 miler with one or two hills. Friday is off and Saturday will be a very quick, two mile run as an "opener" for Sunday. No biking this week.

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