Sunday, April 4, 2010

28 Days to the Tough Mudder - R & R Easter Weekend

After about a solid month or more of building up some miles, attacking a couple hills, and attempting to go a little faster than a snail's pace, the old bod said let's take a break for a change. Last week and this weekend didn't start out as a rest week/weekend, but after Wednesday evening's disastrous run, I figured I better rethink what's going down and regroup on what's on tap for the next four days off. Part of my "training" is hard-core organic gardening ( Donna - count it as training!) and I found I need to figure that in the equation 'cause it whoops my butt and makes me tired. And I knew I needed to take advantage of the nice weather this weekend and get the vegetables planted, so I backed off a little on the run training, and added a little gardening -- 11 hours of it. For the weekend's multi-sport activities (some call it cross-training), I ended up WW paddling 3 hours, biking about 5 hours (1/2 road and 1/2 mountain), core work for about 2 hours and a really nice, easy 6.60 mile road run today at a wimpy 11:15 per mile pace - but it felt damn good going slow and easy. And tonight I feel awesome -- no more achy ankle, no tiredness, nor aches and pains. This week I'll get back in the swing and do some more hills and get back on the three-days of runs weekly schedule with a long run this weekend in the woods. I realized today I'm putting in about 12-15 miles a week which is sort of a record for me in the running category. But they must be spread out -- never two days in a row of running. It hurts too much. And rest weekends? They ROCK!

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