Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The 2010 Year - What to Do?

Ricky and me are creatures of habit and not much is changing for the new year for us other than we plan to keep it closer to home this year to save a little more money for retirement in a year or three (haven’t firmed up any dates now that the economy fagged out on us this past year and dropped interest rates to none-existent). We had a nice discussion on biking and kayaking events/destinations we plan to go to in 2010. Rick felt pretty strongly about keeping it within an hour or two of home (and two is pushing the limit) because of the cost to go further and me moaning and groaning about gas/oil consumption. So the main events for the year will be all Lehigh River releases since the Lehigh is just over an hour from our home, biking events within 1.5 hours which will include Michaux stuff, RCST Marathon (if I can get in shape for it), and a couple other things yet to be decided if I can budget it in (yes, I'm on a race budget big time. that's what happens when you want to quit working in a year or two). But beyond that? Probably just Big Bear in West Virginia. Rick will go to that one, but more than likely Big Bear will be the ONLY long-distance we’ll drive all summer (besides our Whitegrass trip in a couple days). A couple weeks ago he talked about wanting to go to the Ohiopyle again, but I believe he’s having second thoughts on that too. Hey Ricky… since Big Bear is near Ohiopyle, maybe we should kill two birds with one stone and take vacation that week and do it all?!? Someone commented to Rick one time, “if you have it all in your backyard, why travel anywhere?” They have a point. We have the Rattling Creek trails and the Lehigh River… what more could we ask for other than maybe some friends to enjoy it all with?!

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The Wiser Weiser said...

We're in the same boat, as you know....and sometimes you just got to get out! ;)We should do some camping/backpacking in each other's neck of the woods!