Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Second Trip to Whitegrass

Two weekends in a row of a 9+ hour round trip drive HAS to be something worth driving to. Yup... it is. Whitegrass once again delivered exceptional snow and cross country skiing this past weekend - even with temps well above freezing and hovering in the 40s. The Weisers and Larry Camp must feel the same way 'cause they too made the 2nd weekend in a row trip. I was leary the snow would be crap, but hubby assured me it'll be fine and it was. Although it was a bit slow at spots, everything was still well-covered (2 feet yet in most areas except in these pics at Bald knob which is wind blown most of the time) and no ice. Whitegrass was grooming like crazy people and had all the trails wide enough for the skate skiiers and we saw more of them than normal. We met the Weisers in West Virginia and spent the majority of the day making the trek to Bald Knob - twice 'cause the first time was too foggy for a view. The 2nd time we ran into Al Greene from YBR. It was a YBR meeting in West Virginia! I must admit, the temps were much more tolerable than single digits! No frozen fingertips or camelbak hoses. It was nice to relax in a shelter (eating Panda licorice) and not freezing our tushies. And to think two posts ago I was saying how Mr. Brown wanted to keep the activities within a two hour drive. Ha -- I'm eating those words! It was another stellar weekend - maybe the last for skiing based on weather forecasts of a warming trend. Could spring be arriving early already? Quick, get me my bike!

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