Monday, January 11, 2010

Adoring Whitegrass

The annual trek to Whitegrass in Canaan Valley, West Virginia, was memorable in many ways to say the least. Here are all the pictures. First were the conditions which were the best we've ever seen with light, fluffy powder everywhere - one of the perfect ingredients for off-trail, backcountry skiing. There was about 27 inches on the ground and it snowed about 6 more overnight Friday night. The temps were single digits on Friday which is the 2nd ingredient to make the conditions stellar for skiing. And the best part, the company kept -- there's nothing like enjoying something you love with good friends and Donna and Brett were the partners in crime for the weekend. It was Donna's birthday weekend; one she'll remember. But it's not just us -- it's the group of other like-minded individuals that also love Whitegrass and the area. Larry Camp and his son Oliver were there, Keith Wickard (and another gentleman I didn't catch his name), Tomi McMillar, and we heard Jenn and Judd Kulas may have made an appearance on Sunday. Its the mountain bike crowd on sticks! Sue Haywood, a professional mountain biker works at Whitegrass, and I'll just bet the other groupies that were there are fellow mountain bikers. And of course, the area itself -- totally down-to-earth and not subjected to the modern commercialization of many tourist traps. We stayed at the Fiddler's Roost in Thomas which is like Whitegrass atmosphere and appearance-wise, without skiing attached to it. Shabby-chic is the best way to describe it all. Recycle, reuse, recondition anything and everything - why buy new when you can make do? Certainly a trait we should all practice more than we do. And then the food. Whitegrass is also known for the cafe food and they didn't let us down for dinner on Saturday evening. Luscious. The entire weekend was incredible. Rick is still talking about it and making notes for the next time. Renting different skis is top of the list for the next trip. He really wants to try telemarking. Donna would likely enjoy it too with her downhill experience. Brett liked the idea a guy had of walking to the top with snowshoes, then snowboard down. Groomed trail is for woosies -- we wanna get into the woods and truly off trail. There's nothing like it.


camps said...

Great pics!
Single Digits rule
Springer rocked!

DailySAHM said...

Looks beautiful! I really need to learn how to cross country ski properly. My poor skis are just sitting in the garage collecting dust.

The Wiser Weiser said...

Thanks,again, for a great weekend! You guys are the best!! :)

All Mountain Access said...

Hey Chili,
Those are some great shots! It's nice when the whether really comes together for you. Were you folks cross country skiing, or doing an Alpine Tour? If you get the opportunity please check us out at or do a search for "All Mountain Access", on facebook.

Chili said...

AMA - It was a XC ski trip doing Backcountry. We haven't graduated yet to Alpine touring.