Thursday, January 21, 2010

Expanding Muscial Horizons

My musical tastes haven't varied much through the years since the good ole days of KISS, Nazareth, Ozzy, and Alice Cooper. I simply just wasn't much into music unless it was loud, thumpy, screamy and obscene. But one genre caught my attention of late -- bluegrass! Holy hell that's some fun music. Thanks to Whitegrass and the Purple Fiddle a couple weeks ago, the Whiskey Rebellion started a new musical horizon. Rick always gets a kick out of Chip at Whitegrass singing bluegrass. Today, I get an e-mail for the PA Asso for Sustainable Agriculture about their upcoming conference and the band that's playing, Hoots and Hellmouth. Listen to them here... they are awesome! Fun, energetic, lively and their songs of their current album have deep meaning -- radical localism. They spread the gospel on eating local and keeping our roots close to home. I'm not one for collecting CDs, but this one just got ordered. Very fun band. Can't wait to stomp and slap.