Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Nine Degree Weekend

Rumor has it Fit Chick was riding Michaux this weekend prepping for the Michaux Mash. I hope she blogs about it. But holy hell how do those people ride bikes in temps like that!? Fitty wrote about riding in sub-zero temps and wind. She called it character building. Well folks, my character can't be built in temps below 32 unless there's a foot or so of fluffy powder to shoosh in. But on the bike outside in less than 32 degrees? No can do. But I CAN build character on a trainer in the warmth of basement. I learned it from Laub a couple years ago when I wanted to get better and faster on the bike (but found out the faster didn't happen, but I COULD go longer). So this wonderful nine-degree weekend was perfect to sit my arse on a bike seat that never moved for 3.50 hrs. Yup... that's my character being built. It gave my pre-frontal cortex some exercise too. :)


The Wiser Weiser said...

Nice picture! It was 4 degrees at the start of our hike yesterday! It was a DRY 4 degrees though! It did warm up nicely by the middle of the day!

brett said...

Was that picture taken near the END of your 3.5 hour spinathon? Because you look insane. Of course, maybe you are insane to sit on a trainer for 3.5 hours!