Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 5 Biggest Loser at Work - One More Week To Go

Our work Biggest Loser contest is in the final days. There are only 5 more days of attempting to lose enough weight to make one of the 8 teams of 5 members proud to collect their $80.00 each. My team’s chances are zilch. We collectively GAINED 3 pounds this week and I had the proud honor of being one of those pounds (I’m not worried – I have 5 days to lose it again AND some to bring my total loss to 9-10 pounds). There really are only two teams that could win at this point. All the other teams are too far down in points to even come close to those two teams with 1 week remaining. It would be nice to see the all-female team win ‘cause they ALL worked really hard the past six weeks and are truly deserving of the win. The one gal (Madra, the former college basketball player) lost 17 pounds! She said she’s feeling real good about getting active again. The pizza party announcing the winners is next Friday over lunch. I’ll fill you in on the overall winning team after that.

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