Thursday, November 5, 2009

Biggest Loser Week 4

We have two more weeks to go, and we're down to a two-team battle after the exercise points were tallied - the High Voltage Lifers and Slim Gems. I'm rooting for the Slim Gems because they have really put a team effort into this and do a lot together as a team. High Voltage Lifers has one person pretty much carrying the whole team. Here are the team totals for the week.


Fatbusters United – +6.4lbs & +4.03% -- 54 exercise hours
Gut Outtahere -- 3.6 lbs & 2.04% -- 40.45 exercise hours (Jill was 23 hours)
Slim Gems -- 1.8 lbs & +0.21% -- 63.63 exercise hours (Madra had 23.5 hours)
Children of the Cornelius – 2.3 lbs & 1.43% -- 62 exercise hours
Big Deal - 6.5bs & 3.23% -- 27 exercise hours
High Voltage Lifers – 2.5 lbs & 1.73% --- 77.5 exercise hours
Thinternational – 1.3 lbs & 0.82% -- 45.5 exercise hours
NewPAlite – +1.3 lbs & +0.49% -- 37.5 exercise hours

The gal that won the hot seat this week for exercise hours, Madra, was a former college basketball player and she dug deep to her jock days to get in 23 hours of exercise. She also was the top weight loss person with 7.5 pounds. She truly worked her butt off this past week. The guy from the 1st week set the exercise precedent of 23 hours and that’s exactly what everyone was shooting for. Madra and I both were completely exhausted after those 23 hours. I had to go home and take a nap yesterday! Half-way through my last ½ hour at the YMCA on Tuesday evening, my body just shut down and said NO MORE. Madra also was completed drained and couldn’t do anything yesterday either. It was a fun week watching everyone exercise like crazy people. And my weight loss? Another 1.1 pounds to bring the total to 8.6 pounds. Just 1.4 pounds in the next two weeks and my goal is accomplished (10 pounds total). I’m a loser (and an exercise slacker!!)

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The Wiser Weiser said...

You loser!! i'm so happy for you!! YAY!! :)