Thursday, November 19, 2009

Final Results of Biggest Loser At Work

The winners have been determined. The two teams out of eight that were in contention for the overall win got together to compare notes of the final week. The captains talked about who was on the hot seat for both weight loss and exercise and “Paul’s” team swept all categories the final week and won the pot-o-money. His team collectively lost 75 pounds – nothing to sneeze at! Paul is the one that exercised 23 hours two weeks in a row, lost 15 pounds each week, and got one of his team mates to exercise 28 hours this final week doing walking of stairs, walking in general, etc (the reasons for my below post on “So You “Exercise", huh?”). The girl’s team that poured their heart and soul into this was 2nd place. At first I was a little disappointed for them, but their captain had SUCH words of wisdom: “Keep your heads up! The biggest challenges for us individually were to lose weight, gain better eating habits, and learn new exercise routines. In the process we developed great friendships and the camaraderie was a blast! Our energy was contagious. We could not have put together a better or more dedicated team and I wouldn’t trade any of you for anyone on Paul’s team. Okay,….maybe Paul. J …. " Madra was an awesome captain. Congrats girls! In my eyes, YOU won. BTW, Madra and one of her team-mates, Joann (my cube neighbor at work), will be doing their first 5K next week as a result of this competition. How cool is that! Joann is also talking about maybe doing the Harrisburg Marathon next year in the walking category. I might join her -- that would be an awesome, fat-burning workout. Every single person took something away from this contest. It was truly win, win.

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