Sunday, November 1, 2009

Amazon Bestseller - on Running?

Hit search in on your favorite sport and you'll come up with dozens of books and other paraphernalia. Hit the bestseller list and you'll likely find few books on sports -- except for this one: Born to Run. It caught me off guard in amongst the novels (which I wouldn't waste my time reading - sorry novel readers!), so I had to explore what it was about. Born to Run, written by Christopher McDougall, is mostly about ultra distance running by a Mexican Indian tribe. What's astonishing is they do it completely naturally - no special nutrition, no fancy-dancy padded, high-tech sneakers (they wear little more than flip-flops), and no training. And that's where the author goes with the book, comparing us to them. He claims humans were born and built to run (hunters and gathers of prehistoric times?) and the Tarahumara Indians provide the proof in the today's modern world. The whole idea for the book started with a thought "why does my foot hurt." Read the reviews above for more info. I really like the "natural" part of it all. Yes, they eat "natural" diets in Mexico! The main staples of these people are Chia seeds, pinole (corn meal), and grain alcohol. The author also claims their clear-headedness has a lot to do with their natural ability to run. They just run and don't think too much about it. No heart rate monitors, no distance calculators, no gels or sports drinks, no thoughts about oh-my-aching-back. They clear their heads and enjoy the outdoor world. I like that clear head idea. Now where's that switch to turn off the brain.


The Wiser Weiser said...

I bet they don't work 40 hour a week desk jobs---that's what makes things hurt! ;)

Chili said...

You're right! Dang sedentary day jobs.