Sunday, November 1, 2009

Paddle, Paddle, Paddle, and Ride, Ride, Ride

Hubby and I had a lovely paddle today on a creek in our backyard -- the Wiconisco. The creek starts in Williamstown and joins Rattling Creek in Lykens (yes, the same Rattling Creek as our Bike trails) and meanders through Lykens Valley for 34 miles. We paddled the last 8 miles today from just below Elizabethville to where it dumps into the Susquehanna river in Millersburg. The only reason we did it is because it was finally high enough to paddle! Normally, it runs SO low you scrape and scratch your way down. We played in little waves and had a good time for a little over 3 hours. The last two miles get a little bouncy with a couple small rapids. And Friday was spent in Weiser state forest riding very slow and easy snowmobile trail and fire road. I followed part of what I call the modified Rattling 50 Marathon route. It's the same route skipping all the singletrack, and I didn't do the start or finish (which total about 15 miles). That's the nice part of the Rattling Creek trails -- there are go-arounds for nearly all the singletrack. The trails were wet and even the leaves were holding little pockets of water and it was kinda cold. So I was a happy camper on fire road/snowmobile trails. 4 hours of saddle time. Good hours for the hot seat (I'm on the exercise hot seat at work for Biggest Loser).

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