Friday, April 24, 2009

What to Do on an 80+ Degree, Sunny Weekend

Hmmmm... 80+ degrees, sunny, and no particular plans for the weekend. How perfect is that?! Rick is making his kayaking plans for BOTH days this weekend with the Dauphin Narrows on Saturday and the Lehigh on Sunday. Sunday will be different for him - he plans to "mingle" with a bunch of 1) strangers, and 2) whitewater canoe people. Will he be ok? Will the canoe people accept an obsessed kayer amongst their own? Maybe I should go to protect him. Most of our kayaking budds are heading to the Stony Fest near Johnstown. Its a pretty big festival for white water kayakers. But its also a drink fest like kayakers are known to do (doesn't everyone except me and Rick?!). Rick didn't want to go. I suggested we go to "watch", but kayakers can't watch other kayakers without getting in the water, and the water there is a bit much for both of us (class 3+).

And me for the weekend? I think I'm going to be climbing Deep Hollow Trail on my mountain bike in Weiser at the crack of dawn, and be home by 10:00 am. Then its garden time! Or, if Rick didn't leave yet, I might hitch a ride with him to the Narrows for a little yaking. The Lehigh is out for me on Sunday -- way too long of a day and I need to be on weed detail this weekend.

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