Saturday, April 25, 2009

Riding in Weiser with Weiser

They really shoulda built their house in WEISER state forest, not MICHAUX state forest with the name of WEISER -- and he IS the 11th (?) generation of the famous WEISER from PA -- the Conrad Weiser Homestead guy? Anywhos... Mrs. Weiser rode Weiser with me today for a lovely 3 hr ride with a little climbing, a little rock-hopping and a lotta feelin' good about the ride. We did the climb, then stuck it in 4th gear and stayed there for the rest of the ride 'cause we both love our singlespeeds, but have been riding gears because of the climbing we've been doing in prep for the Michaux 40 milers. By mile marker 20, 4th gear was a hurtin! Well, I was a hurtin -- maybe if I wouldn't have eaten those crappy GUs (they were old and I wanted to use them up) with no protein. GOTTA have protein. We rode Deep Hollow, Rock's Ridge to Wolf Pond, Wolf Pond, Rim, Lukes, Grim, Shale Run, Perserve Line, Fawn Kill, Lykens Road to Doc Smith, Rattling Creek, Dry Run, Schreffler and a finish on the screaming, jarring downhill of Ironmine. About 22 miles total. We didn't want to do a long ride with next weekend's extra long ride approaching - I think what we did today was perfect after last week's 27 miler. I forgot it was turkey season, and yes we saw two hunters. Maybe they should hunt on gamelands where there aren't any bikes to disturb them? One of the hunters had his blind about 15 feet off of Deep Hollow trail. Granted, I've seen the turkey run up those trails so it probably IS a good idea to sit near a trail, but that one seems a little too well-traveled by horses, bikes, hikers to sit a blind right next to it. Maybe he discovered that today. Beauty of day -- thanks for coming up Miss D! It was an awesome ride.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Yes, it was! Thank you for being flexible and playing hostess! I had a grand day out! ;)

brett said...

To clarify, he's my 7th Great-Grandfather. So that would be Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather!

Chili said...

Thank you Mr. Weiser! 11th...7th... they sound the same. Old ears don't always hear correctly. :)