Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pedal vs Paddle

During the past two years, Rick has really been getting more into the whitewater paddling thang...not as hardcore as Sam Mummert and a couple others (Class IV and V paddling -- things like the Upper Yough, the Tippy top Yough, going over waterfalls, etc.), but getting out at least twice a week in Class 2+ like the Dauphin Narrows, the Lehigh River during all their releases, or a handful of other local whitewater trips like the Nescopeck or Red Mo. There's nothing Rick would like more (I think) than for me to have the same enthusiasm as him for paddling, but my heart is still in bikes, while Mr. Brown's passion heads to the water. Thus, the ever-so-slight dilemma each weekend -- he wants to paddle, I want to bike. We're trying to meet half way, but even that's getting a little hairy now -- he wants to whitewater paddle even in higher water, I want flatter, low water - mainly because I'm still a little apprehensive after flipping twice last fall on the Lehigh (not fun). I want to ride long rides with climbs and rocks, he likes short ones that he can coast as much as possible. He has the appropriate boat for the appropriate water -- I have the appropriate bike for the terrain. He gets very excited about upcoming river runs, I can't wait for the big Michaux ride May 3 and a couple others this summer. He talks about nothing but boats. I dwell on bikes, garden, and our food system. He studies websites on water levels and rain forecasts, I blog. Sooo... how does hubby and wifey meet half way? I want to paddle with him...but more flatwater. I think (???) he wants to bike, but not as much. Oh the drama.


The Wiser Weiser said...

Am i a bad influence? ;)

Chili said...

Yeh....and Sam and Chris and Wayne and Tony and Tim and Jen and Judd and Geisey and Barb are a bad influence on Rick!!!