Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pre-40-Miler Contemplation

You'd think after umpteen races, including a handful of long buggers, I'd have it all figured out without nary a worry? So why do I still have to read about prepping for endurance races and the taper prior to? Why do I still seek out articles -- I guess I'm trying to assure myself that I'm doing it right. Mr. Rosengarth is my newest hero. Yup, the one and only Karl Rosengarth from Dirt Rag (I think formerly of Dirt Rag). The article I found is from 2005, but it answered all my questions about this Sunday. The big one was do I have enough mileage under my belt so far this year to do 40 mountain miles. Yes, according to Mr. Rosengarth, I do. His article is about prepping for a 100 miler and I zeroed in on the mileage. He claims if you regularly complete (weekly) 50-70 miles you'll have no problem doing 100. If you equate that to a 40-miler, that means the 20-27 miles we've doing are on-the-money and we shouldn't have any issues with 40 miles. Well slap my ass -- he just boosted the energy level a couple notches. I'm ready -- WE'RE ready. That would be Donna and me. I especially like the below section from the article. He said all the right things!

Nothing to it, but to do it.
An endurance ride, after it's all said and done, is really "just riding along." Plan to have fun, and you probably will. Consider finding a friend or two to enter with you. Stick together on race day and enjoy each other's company.

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