Monday, December 1, 2008

Its Getting Harder and Harder and I'm Doing It Less and Less

Funny how that do less and less, the weight goes on more and more, and you continue to do less and less and the weight continues to go on more and more. Its a friggin vicious circle! Yup - me and Arnold. Of course I don't have the excuse of being Governor to blame my weight gain and lack of physique I used to have. Darn. Ok, I may be exaggerating just a tad, but I am doing much less than in the past and I have gained about 7 pounds now. Life took on a different direction the past few months since the big bike crash. Shortly after that crash in June, my 90 year-old mother in law moved into an assisted living center and Rick and I have been cleaning her home out ever since, little by little every weekend. We're happy to know the light at the end of that tunnel is growing very bright and we expect to have an empty house by New Years. So if you know anyone that wants a cheap ($60,000 range), cape-cod style house in Millersburg, look us up. And then my dear mother had open-heart surgery the end of October and lately I've been spending some time with her. Please read my other blog post on eating from a diabetic's perspective. Wow... we don't know how lucky we really are to just eat and not think too much about it. So that brings us up to today. Now that its cold, Rick and I have been spending time at the YMCA and I've also been chuggin' away on the trainer a little bit. We both aren't into the cold scene anymore unless there's snow on the ground. Rick's already been checking out WHITEGRASS in West Virginia who already had over 40 inches of snow this year! Why can't that be us. Rick DID make a New Year's resolution though... to lose 10 pounds BY New Year. I'd like to say the same, but I tried for one week and wasn't very good at it -- in fact I gained another pound. Geez.

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