Monday, December 29, 2008

Its been 70 Days

October 19 was the last time I was on a bike outside. Jake (Jake the Snake my cross bike) had cobwebs on his spokes! But I dusted them off, and took him for a spin on Saturday. 18 miles, 12mph avg (now that's some average, huh!), and I was wobbly only for a little. Donna, I'm not so sure if you know what you're getting yourself into racing with a near-half-century old, menopausal, retiree. Can't wait until I try to climb a mountain or two. That should be fun. (?!) Oh the joys of losing fitness. Maybe a cookie or chocolate bar will help?

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SueAnne said...

Happy New Year Jill!!
Hope you are doing well, and eat those cookies! we all have been eating the cookies!