Saturday, December 20, 2008

Doin' the Chilli on the Half Century Mark?

I told Rick earlier this week, I think I'd like to do a race ON the day of my 50th birthday in 2009. And he said, "yeh, right...what are the chances there's a race ON your birthday." Well guess what Ricky, one of my favorite races is on my 50th! The Chilli Challenge. The Chilli Challenge is very fun Adventure Triathlon only 45 minutes from home -- biking 20 miles (back roads - some dirt road), kayak 2 miles (flatwater), and a lovely trail run around a lake for 5.25 miles. I might do the Red Mo Downriver Kayak race too the end of March -- that's a bunch of fun. Gonna plan some races to motivate me -- its working!

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