Thursday, December 18, 2008

Musterin' Up Some Mojo to do One Race in April!

Guess what? There's one single race on my schedule next year!! How 'bout that! I'm going to attempt to do the Savage, a short adventure race put on by GOALS-ARA. This race was near the top of my favorite and best races list. Problem is, I haven't been riding, or training, or doing a whole lot of anything for the past few months related to the muscle and endurance power needed to get through one of these races! Crap! Hopefully, once the next two weeks are over, I can muster up some mojo to start focusing on getting in semi-shape again to do this. My team-mate Miss DW, a.k.a. (Donna Weiser for those that didn't figure it out) always makes it fun -- even when she starts cussing and bitching and whining and moaning -- that's what makes it funner! " I got F____ Perpetual all over the place !!!!" Damn that was funny last year girl (not at the time). So give me thoughts on getting motivated to train. Miss D has her dear hubby to get her movtivated, and of course having Michaux State Forest surrounding you certainly helps. No driving anywhere, no gas, no thinking too much about it -- just put on the lights and head out the front door. I'm so jealous. Last evening was beautiful and I really wanted to do a nighttime thing but was scared! Of what? S.K.U.N.K.S. Yup, they're scary enough to keep us indoors at night. Seems my little neck of the woods is being over run by skunks and they LOVE raising their tails and squirting a little at whatever may scare them. ARGH!