Friday, December 26, 2008

Getting Back Into the Groove

It's all Donna's fault! Well, I can't totally blame Donna -- The Fine Art of Cookie Consumption certainly played its part too. Dang cookies. The weight gain was minimal, so it shouldn't be a problem to drop it. (Ha... who am I kidding?!) The motivation has (finally!) returned and I got my groove back. Training Peaks had an interesting blurb on new year's resolutions and losing weight, and how most folks don't stick to it, and how its important to pick the right goals. I especially liked Resolution #3: Pick an event as your long-term goal Since Donna and me agreed to sign up for the Savage Adventure Race, the arse is finally moving again. But this time will be a little different - no training plans, training logs, or heart rate monitors - just getting the heck out and enjoying it. Oh, and maybe getting in shape and dropping some cookie pounds in the process.

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