Thursday, May 15, 2008

Xterra Race Anyone?

Oh the excitement of anticipation building to the first Xterra race of the season. My two buds coming along are full of questions just like me. What's the water temp? What are you wearing? Won't it be too cold? Are you wearing a camelbak? How long is the run? It advertises 5K, but somewhere else it says 4 miles? What's the bike course like? What's the run course like? Don't fart in your wetsuit, here's what will happen if you do (that was funny as hell - a picture of a big ball of rubber). Both of these girls are experienced triathletes and know the ropes, but don't we always have a zillion questions? Actually, they are more like, what if's? What if its cold... what if the bike course is too hilly. What if I'm last out of the water. What if I win!? Well then you get to go to Lake Tahoe and Maui if you keep winning. There's that carrot that never goes away. Part of me really wants that; but another part says shit its expensive to do that stuff! But the experience is incredible and I never finished Lake Tahoe, so I have to finish up business out there someday. I never got as excited over races as I do for Xterra. Many of the MASS races the last couple years actually made me feel like I didn't want to go. I'd dread upcoming races. You learn the courses, and know what to expect... hills/rocks/fast girls/etc. I always hated Granogue and believe it or not, the Farm in Marysville! Loops weren't my favorite 'cause I was always getting passed and it slowed me up. And please don't put me on short steep climbs. I walk. But dread is not in the Xterra pre-race vocab. Its more like anxiousness, eagerness, aroused, and of course nervousness. I said it before a thousand times, my thoughts go to the swim. I've been working SO hard at it. The run too to a bit lesser extent than the swim. Then I wonder, will my bike split suffer since I've spent so much time on swimming and running. If all goes well, I hope to shave 9 minutes off my time with most of that in the swim. You say, 9 minutes - that's nothing! It's a lot in my book. I'm shooting for a time of 2:04. Here's hoping!


SueAnne said...

How did you come up with 2:04?? You will do it! I am just as anxious and excited for this race too! Look forward to seeing everyone too!

Chili said...

Ironic it's the same as your time last year, huh!? My fastest time at KOTH is 2:13. My 1/4m swim 3 years ago was 12 minutes. I think I can pull off a 9 minute 1/4 mile based on some lap times in the pool (still slow, but certainly better than previous years!). That's 6 minutes just in the swim. And I think I can eek out the extra 3 minutes in both the bike and run. You have NO idea how bad a swimmer I used to be! (47 minutes in Hawaii! there were only 3 people behind me!). ARGH.