Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Xterra King of The Hill Race Report from First-Time Xterra Rookie - Sheena Perry

Let’s see where to start.

Left a 5:55 am to get there. After a brief hiatias including 3 U turns in less than 1 minute perfictly exicuted in all NO U turn areas we got gas, water, and bagles. I asked for a whole wheat bagle toasted with NOTHING on it… they stuff a bagle in the bag and NO they didn’t even bother to cut it. Asked for a blueberry bagle the same way… got the same thing imagine that… none the less we arrived at 8:15 in NJ.

Jill and Ricky were already there and were at the car when we arrived. As soon as the car door opened the whining began about have to go to the bathroom (no idea who that was J). Went down to the beach area and of course the bathrooms were closed! AHHHH! I gotta go! Back to the cars to get the gear and down to transition to pick our spots which was right next to Jill J. After dumping the gear we wandered to the bathrooms on the other side of the beach. Ok I will stop with the boring.

We lined up on the beach and the race started at exactly 10:00. It was a ready set go!!!!!!!!!!!!

375 yard dash down the beach to the swim only to jump into 57 degree water, try to get a breathing rythem after those two breath taking events! And if that wasn’t enough to drowned you, there were about 100 other cometitors to help you out! Kicking, hitting, pulling, pushing, bumping, waves of water coming at you in perfect time to enter your mouth to make you caugh and hack and of course you know you just drank some serious nasty! If you survived all of that the second lap was a cake walk! J
(For description of Lap 2 of the swim see above, minus 375 yard dash.)

Once out of the water you had to fight your way out of your wetsuit which is never an easy feat, wet or dry.

The bike was next. Oh my what am I in for now was the only thing crossing my mind. Well it was all uphill out of the beach area to go up some more followed by some nasty sharp switchbacks in which I got to follow some guy who passed me going up hill put all his weight on his handle bars and almost did an endo on every corner till he finally stopped and let us go by! Then the mad dash started cause I didn’t want anyone following me. Faster go faster, shit shit shit tight corner coming, shit breaks, faster, faster, shit breaks again, oh MY GOD TREEEEEEEEEEEE!! Phew! I missed it J Yahoo!! Straight away pedel, pedel, pedel… Yes! no one caught me! What the *uck another hill! And up and up and up and up does this *&)@#* thing ever end? 10 minutes later the answer is NO! Finally down hill! J who’s happy I’m happy!!! What what the hell is this shit? No one said rock garden for the next 5+ miles ahhhh! Not happy any more L I like rocks but not that much! Ride just ride shit shit don’t wreck holy crap here comes another Psycho… HEY IT’s JILL! HI JILL… BYE Jill! (from behind I hear “holy crap look at her go”) haha I said “That is my friend!” The rest of the bike was more of the same, lots of shit, crap, and oh *ucks accompined by tons of rock and climbs.

On my way back to transition I saw Chrissy on the run... she was sporting a few new colors, blood red and some shades of blue and green. She stopped to tell me she took one hell of a spill. I asked if she was ok:

Chrissy: “I don’t know”
Sheena: “Are you going to finish the race?”Chrissy: “Yeah”
Sheena: “Well then we will check you out later, now get going!”

Then I got to see Jill again looking good on the run. However, unknown to them, in my mind I was really hating both of them and secrelty plotting revenge. (still plotting, suggestions welcome please send to the e-mail that sent this)

The run, yes the run. The run was great! Ok so I can’t lie but it was way better than the bike. Could have should have run faster but didn’t know what I was up against especially after the bike. I actually passed 2 people on the run to try and make up for ALL the people that passed me on the bike. Came around a corner and there it was... the finish line! The only thing between it and me was sand, lots more freaking sand! I hate sand and damn it I was finishing... I could hear Chariots of Fire blaring for me and those little people in my head chearing... oh wait, wait those aren’t just the little people in my head its Chrissy and Jill too! YAHOO!!!!!!!!!!!

All in all I hated it but don’t worry Jill, things I hate I usually end up loving becuase I hate it. Always looking to get my ass kicked and have great friends cheering for me at the end. I keep trying to tell Chrissy that is where she messes up finishing so fast... no one is cheering for her, how sad!

Sheena Perry: 2:25
Jill Wiest: 2:16
Christina Bohensky: 2:09

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