Sunday, May 18, 2008

XTERRA King of The Hill Race Report

For Sale: a women's large wetsuit - worn once. Also, swim paddles and fins. I spent 5 months trying real hard to get better at swimming and I thought I did...until today. A 400 yard dash at the start of swim just fucked me all up. I couldn't breath; I couldn't get in a rythym to figure out how to breath and swim at the same time; I felt like my wetsuit was cutting off my circulation to my chest (more lack of breathing); I couldn't see, I couldn't get my bearings. I couldn't think. I felt like I was dizzy. It was unbearable. But one thing I COULD do was breast stroke! Can you believe that!? I frickin breast stroked half of the swim leg. It was horrible. I forgot everything I was working on the past 5 months. Pathetic, aboslute pathetic. I simply freaked in the water. Musta been bad memories from 2005 Lake Tahoe. At one point I even took a breath-- UNDERWATER! What the heck!?@? nasty, nasty, nasty. My time was actually 3 minutes SLOWER than 3 years ago and I'm sure it was all the swim 'cause my run was good (for a change) and my bike felt pretty good too. I came into transition after the swim and pouted like I did when I was 7 years old. "I don't wanna race anymore. It aint' fun" was going through my head. But I forced my self on the bike, and then got really pissed off at myself for the pathetic swim. That's when I race best -- when I am pissed. So I passed bunches of people on the bike and even two guys on the run! (That's rare!) and finished 2nd in my age group of about 4 girls (that's rare too). But the one girl was pulled out of the age group cause she won overall the women which pushed me to 1st. But I still suck, bigtime.

On a happy note, Christina was 2nd in her age group even with a crash that gave her nasty scratches on her arms. Her sissy Sheena wasn't far behind, but I'm not sure where (same age group); Xterra Ambassador and MASS Lowerider racer Sue Ann Clarke was 1st AND improved her time by I think another 5 minutes in her 5th year of this event; and Annette McGiven was 1st in her age Group too. And the rookie of the year already goes to SARAH LICHENWALNER!!! Her first Xterra, her first swim in open water and she was 3rd overall women AND first woman out of the water! Incredible. I'm jealous. I said to her hubby, geez...not only can she ride and run, she swims too! And rob says, " I think that's what she does best of all." I'm impressed as hell. Nice going Sarah.

I just don't know what to do about swimming. Crap on it. Maybe I should just paddle with hubby. Pics coming on the race.


DailySAHM said...

First place is first place, who cares how many other women were in your age group, or that the technical 1st place went to a chick who won overall. You can say you took 1st and that's all that matters. I'm proud of you, even if you aren't proud of yourself! (which you should be.)

SueAnne said...

Hey Jill- You still rocked it all..It takes more than 5 mos to gear up on your swim, and its only been a month under the belt of Caan swim. I am still learning to get better. I came in 2nd in my age group to the colorado guest (didn't know she moved up this yr). So now 75pts for me. But yeah, Sarah was truly impressive out there today. Don't give up on yourself soo easily, XTERRA is about determination, tenacity, and just getting dirty!! I am sorry I didn't get the chance to come talk to you more and meet your friends.