Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Back to the Drawing Board

Poor Rick always has to take the brunt of my bitching and moaning about my poor race performances. And he repeatedtly says to me: "Stop." And he would love nothing more than for me to just do what I feel like doing and paddle with him more. Part of me wants that, yet another part of me knows if I stop, I'll really stop and will lose all motiviation to do anything and that's where the weight starts coming back and laziness sets in, and the aches and pains and health issues that non-exercising people complain about. My dear old dad is 78 and was active his entire life as an owner/trainer/driver of harness horses. He still slings 100 lb feed bags and 5 gallon buckets of water around like he did when he was 16. And his advice has always, always been: NEVER STOP. And he is SO right. My Dad inspires me.... so I'm not gonna stop hubby. I may not ever be fast, but I ain't gonna stop. I SO wanted to not embarass Rick yet again on Sunday, but I did. Once again, I was one of the stragglers crawling out of the water. But I'll keep plugging away and see what happens next. I have 4 weeks to prepare for the Regional Xterra Championship in Richmond Virginia. 1st or 2nd place gets me to Maui. I know I can't do first 'cause Val Hardin has too many male genes in her system and will take the top spot - although she's been known to register and not show up. Maybe I should race like I did in 2005 when I never expected to win. Just race. Just do my best and not worry about where I finish. I slugged out of the James River with about 5 people behind me in 2005, then one-by-one passed the "45-49" legs - one of them being last year's 3rd place World Champ, Jackie Ryan...maybe I should just repeat that performance. Maybe I think too much. ARGH!

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