Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Final LODI 12-Hour Report

I promise, this is the last...but its a good one! Thanks Uncle Don for an awesome write-up and the incredible pictures!! very cool.

Howdy y'all,Been away from computer access for a while - vacationing on an island in Florida - but felt compelled to augment the already stellar reports contributed by the fine racers I had the peasure of rubbing elbows with all weekend. Basically, what everybody else already said, plus my comments: kuddos to Jake for doing the insane solo thang, kudos to Donna and Jill for rocking the Female Duo class, kudos to Rick for his support and assistance to all during the entire event, and Kudos to Brett and Zach for riding like insane, rabid, sleep-deprived computer programmers on diet coke and skittles. S'pecially Zach for rising to lengendary status that weekend for his ability to pull doubles when we needed to erase huge time gaps and reel in CityBikes's fast guys and crush them into snivelling little girly men (my appologies to any snivelling little girly men I have offended with that comment). Actually, the CityBikes guys were awsome to compete against and were all round great guys. Much respect. They fully expected Zach to catch and dispatch with their secret weapon fast dude on the last lap, and were greatly concerned with Zach's well being when he rolled in barely able to stay upright on his bike. Great guys. Except that part where they beat us. In that respect they suck and I hate them more than pinging cables on frame tubes and squealing disc brakes. And those anoying popups I can't seem to get rid of on certain web sites. But I digress. Here's to fun race courses, most excellent people to hang with, no rain when the forcasters are predicting it, riding your freaikin' guts out, most excellent and sportsman-like competitors, and nearly full bottles of Vodka. The good stuff. Oh yeah, here's some pics at this link:

Uncle Don aka "slow but gettin' less slow white fat middle aged dude...with sqealing disk brakes...who dances with wolves...and likes Vodka...the good stuff"

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