Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend R & R

Being a non-race weekend, the R&R factor was fairly high. Still sticking to the training plan, I opted to ride the Singlespeed for the social ride with the local bike club this weekend. The Rattling Creek Single trackers host a Memorial Weekend ride every year for 7 years now. Most years I'm in the midst of some crazy training plan and try to coerce my group into doing my training day (poor buggers), but this year is an easier training plan MINUS the Heart rate monitor (loving it!), thus I could mesh it into the group ride without anyone really noticing. They thought I was riding the Singlespeed just cause I like to ride the singlespeed. Well, it hurt and today I feel it. But that was part of the training plan. We only had 1 mechanical in our group, and we did all the rockiest of trails (that was part of the "plan" too!). And afterwards, we ate bad picnic food and shot the breeze. Good times -- beautiful weather.

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SueAnne said...

Is that an elf riding a bike, or is it... no it can't be!?? that JERSEY Joe-PA riding a route in PA? heehee!