Sunday, March 30, 2008

Taking the Plunge

I said this winter I wouldn't do it because its too expensive, but after I officially signed up for my first Xterra since that fateful near-drowing incident of 2005, I figured I better learn to swim! So here's a picture of my coach for an upcoming clinic... Candy Angle.

She won Xterra Worlds in 2002, and her and her husband, Andrew Noble, own Caan Sports in Massachusetts. They coach athletes -- specializing in swim, Xterra, and triathlons. They routinely hold swim/bike/run clinics in Weymouth, Massachusetts, but are taking their clinics on the road to Philadelphia this spring and I signed up for the Swim Clinic on April 12. On Thursday, I had the pleasure (!) of being in the pool with the 4 national Y competitors while they trained for their big trip to Florida in April for a national competition. They all just glide past me like I'm standing still. I said to Rick, that's my goal... I want to glide too. He laughs, "Jill, not everyone can do that...did you stop to think maybe that's why THEY are national competitors?" Oh well, I can dream, can't I? So my goal is to glide in the water. I think I can do it! Hey - I just realized my goals and focus have officially been brought back to reality and lined up again. I was losing it there for a couple weeks! Too much too do, too little time to do it all in.

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SueAnne said...

Hey Jill-
I am soo glad you are doing the clinic! Candy and Andy rock, and their teaching the sport is as good as watching them race it!
Look forward to meeting you!