Saturday, March 1, 2008

Humdinger 7.1 mile Trail Run Race Report

Lots of up, lots of walking, lots of screaming back downhill -- IF your shoes of choice were good grippers and knobby. Some guy in front of me was slipping, sliding, falling all over 'cause he was wearing worn-out old sneakers. So word to the wise -- wear knobbies in snow when running downhill. That was about my only saving grace -- good sneakers and being able to catch some of the near entire pack that passed me about 4 minutes after the start. The race was for training and it was perfect training.... 164 avg HR, 178 max; 1:24 minutes for 7.1 miles. Yup...that's about a 12:00 minute mile average. HA! What a loser I am...but it WAS good training. Alaina Deitz wins the women's (again). Not sure about the gents. Lots of Rick's Pix of the race here...including Alaina crawling up the hill. Results aren't up, so I don't how I compared but it really doesn't matter much. I'm now the oldest in my age group and just as I anticipated, am getting whooped on by the younger gals. I saw at least 3 girls ahead of me in my age definitely no podium. But it was a nice day and definitely good training. Next up...a 7.46 trail run at Blue Marsh followed by the whole-loop bike ride with Missy Chrissy. Will be another awesome training day. If anyone wants to join us, leave a comment and we'll hook up with you the day of the race. The bike will be about 23 miles...maybe 3 hours. And if you aren't familiar with Blue Marsh, there's bunches and bunches of short steep hills.

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DailySAHM said...

The bear at the top of the hill cracks me up.