Saturday, March 8, 2008

Damn Thing just Won't Roll

I look pissed on this picture because I AM pissed. We spent several Sundays this Winter at indoor roll sessions to learn how to roll a kayak. Rick does beautiful, perfect the pool. Its a different story in moving water. Last year I got a roll ok, but didn't really practice it...just didn't see the need. I was also fine with the idea of swimming (swimming in whitewater kayaking is the term used for pulling the skirt off and sliding out of the kayak if you flip in a wave in fast water and are upside down). And I'm ok this year too with swimming. We joke about one of our kayak friends, Dave Geesey, who is the most calm, cool, controlled paddler we've ever seen -- he never gets caught in a wave and goes over; thus he never swims. But....he doesn't have his roll perfected either. So those of us that can't roll well say we go to the Dave Geesey school of paddling -- paddle well enough you never HAVE to swim! I completely lost my roll this year. Rick thinks I just HAVE to get it, but I really don't want to. I like that Dave Geesey School of paddling!

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