Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Humdinger Results

Results from the Humdinger Trail run are up Alaina Deitz ran it in 1:04!!! That girl must have Gazelle blood. Speaking of Alaina, she was overall high points scorer last year for the entire River Towns Race Series. Yours truly was second highest. That was incentive enuf to motivate my arse a little more! So another race has been added to schedule in April. Its a short one that I'm using as an "opener" for the Savage the following day. Just 2.5m paddle, 5m run, and a 10m ez mountain bike. I'm also working on the potential of doing a two-day adventure race in August that's part of the River town Race Series. Not sure yet on that one yet. The organizer is planning a 200 mile trek over a weekend -- I told him that's too much, 100 miles would be more appropriate for the average weekend warriors that would enter the race. So I'm waiting to see what he comes up with. There's also a possibility it may be teams only and I'd rather go it alone. Will have to wait and see what the race entails. In the meantime, I'll be working towards two-days of racing by putting together back to back shorter races on weekends. I may also do a 75 mile road ride the day before the NJ Xterra if the date truly is Saturday the 17th (he's screwed up on the Website saying its Sunday, May 17) FOOD is my big issue right now and getting the right amount of calories and nutrition and protein (its a challenge if you want to limit meat consumption!) Carmichael is my new best friend again.

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