Monday, March 3, 2008

Oh the Pain - Like Two Wooden Legs

It's been 48 hours since that Humdinger of a trail run, and I'm STILL feeling the affects of the screaming downhills AND the pokey uphills. My ass hurts, my legs hurt and the result is this stiff-legged walk that very much resembles Forrest Gump before he ran his leg braces off. Of course it has everything to do with running down hill. Good article about painful quads after a run here. But...recovery nutrition is everything too and as usual, I was in too much of hurry to get out of there on Saturday after the race, and ate a banana and a Luna Bar for lunch (after a 1:25 hard run? - what a jerk) and didn't eat again until about 4:00. So we headed from the race to the YMCA and I started to swim and about 15 minutes into the swim everything started to get worse and I haven't been the same since. I'm still slightly lightheaded, in pain everywhere, tired as all hell, crappy attitude, lack of sleep and of course no ambition to ride or train. I managed to force a two hour ride on the trainer yesterday morning, but the crappy attitude/lack of sleep/Forrest Gump legs continue. I said to Rick - its awful early in the season to be thinking about not racing already! I'm signed up for 3 races (St Patty's Scramble, Savage, and the 12-Hours of Lodi)...I think I'll hold off for anymore at the moment until I feel human again. I really want to do the NJ Xterra, but I gotta get my head/body in shape. HELP!

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