Friday, March 28, 2008

Red Mo Kayak Race - is 33 Degrees Too Cold?

The high temp in "Grassflat," near the Red Moshannon Downriver Race, is expected to be 40 tomorrow. At the time of the start of the race, it will be 33. We planned on meeting 4 kayaking friends up there, but Rick's a tad uncertain now given the balmy temps. None of us are fans of paddling in cold temperatures and to all of us, anything below 40 is cold. Sooo... there's a slim chance we may not go. But if we do, you'll get a report and pics.
And the race itself? Its 7.5 miles of all downriver class 1 and 2 water. The Red Mo is actually the Moshannon River, nicknamed the "Red" Mo because of acid raid runoff, rendering the creek inhabitable for most aquatic life. There are no fish in the river, thus you can paddle pretty much anytime the creek is up without disrupting the fisherpeople. That's the other downside -- its often too low to paddle. Spring or hard rains are about the only time the creek is up enough to enjoy a non-scrapey paddle. My interest in racing it is because of my preference of a straight-shot, fast, downriver run. Most of the folks I paddle with, enjoy taking breaks, stopping, surfing, rolling, fooling-around, and generally just taking their time and having fun. My enjoyment is getting a good workout, and poking around in waves doesn't always do it for me (sorry guys!). Thus, I entered the race. So I'm hoping we go, but if we don't, I officially signed up for the Xterra in NJ in may, so I'll be hitting the pool for some good swim drills in place of the race, and of course will be biking and running too.

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