Monday, February 4, 2008

Week in Review: -1 for Training,+8 for R&R

4 hours of biking last week. Yup...the grand total of biking was 4 - all trainer. Absolutely, positively, without-a-doubt, pathetically embarrassing. And yesterday was one of the prettiest, warm days yet this year. But what did I do? Hiked. With hubby. Part of the OCD he thinks I have was tearing me to bits and pieces about not riding, but the smart part of me was enjoying every second of bushwhacking along Rattling Creek in Weiser State Forest, and finding some incredibly cool spots to sit and soak up the beauty of nature. We discovered a "hidden hole" that folks must use in the summer to swim in. Huge rocks to jump off of into a 6-7 ft hole. Very secluded and beautiful. We think the Doc Smith bike trail is about 100 yards away, and of course will try to find from the bike trail and maybe carve in a semi-noticeable path to get to the hole. It would be a nice place to stop and cool off -- its a short ways below the Rattling Creek bridges. So the two-hour hike was very enjoyable, but certainly didn't benefit the training side of things. The week ended up 8 out of 10 planned hours. The highlight was shaving 16 seconds off per mile on my long training run and finishing my 6.60 loop two minutes faster than two weeks ago. 6.60 miles is my "long" run? I really am pathetic, aren't I!

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