Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Human Motivators

One of the joys of multi-sport training and racing is the teammates you train and race with. THEY make it fun – and you never want to let your team mate down, no matter what. My lack of motivation lately just did a 360 yesterday when the realization hit home that if I didn’t get my ass in gear, I could be letting my team mate down…and none of us want to be the reason for a poor race. It turns out my bud Donna is training pretty darn hard this year for the Savage Adventure race in April. So I’m gonna start cracking the whip too and sticking to my plan and (try) not to deviate. She and I make a pretty darn good MASTERS female team. Last year, we not only won our age group of the females (3 entries in Masters) at the Savage, but we also won the female division overall ‘cause the other female teams didn’t get all their tokens. So Donna, this one’s for you! We ARE gonna kick some boo-tay this year again. But you get to do the start this year. (Adventure racing always has interesting starts whereby one team mate usually has to do something stupid to get the maps… last year we had to run into chest-deep water to a boat to get our passports/maps. Image about 100 people converging on a row boat at once. Me and Chrissy near drowned!).

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