Wednesday, February 13, 2008

12 Hours of Lodi Now on Schedule

What's a season without at least one really long, crazy race? Last year I outdid myself and raced 24 hours of Big Bear (4 12-mile laps), 3 MASS endurance races (about 50 miles each, 6 1/2 hours long), and ended the season with a full century in November. This year I thought I'd focus more on multi-sport so I had thought I wasn't going to do as much long riding. Well....plans and schedules are made to be changed, right?! I couldn't refuse the offering of being on a duo Team with my fellow Master team mate, DonnaW, for the 12 Hours of Lodi in Virginia. I heard good things about this race, and we all know there's a certain energy that goes along with 12 and 24 hour racing that is addicting. We were kinda depressed last year to find out Big Bear was raising their prices to WAY too much for a 24 hour race, so this 12 hours of Lodi seems like a really nice substitute -- it only costs $25 bucks! Last year, there were only 2 women teams... one duo and one solo. Amy Breyla was on one of the solo teams, and Loretta Torres was the solo women. I've raced with and know both of these gals and I recall both of them raving about the 12 hours of Lodi.
So it sounds like a some long-ride training is in store after all! Maybe I'll have to readjust that darn schedule again.

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