Wednesday, February 20, 2008

First Race of the Season March 1

March 1 marks the 1st official race of the season on the schedule – the Hummdinger - a 7 mile, rocky, hilly trail run on the same trails as the June Tour de Tykes mountain bike race. This race came about for 3 reasons – 1st priority is moola - by finishing, it puts me in the running for accumulating points toward a $100 prize for my age group as part of the River Town Race Series – a series of multiple sport races throughout the spring, summer and fall that are cheap to enter and close to home. For the past two years, I’ve done the Tour de Tykes and two adventure-triathlons and took home the 1st place prize. So I added this trail run to help assure point accumulations toward that prize. But I’m also doing it because one of my very first Iron woman inspirations from years ago, Donna Mummert, told me one time if you want to get faster at running, enter some races…so this race is good training; and 3) I LUV the Tour de Tykes course and racing in Montour county. It’s less than an hour from home, is loaded with all those features us adventurous, off-road racers come to love – hills, rocks, logs, twisty turns, and not lacking in a hard-core challenge. So the countdown is on for the first race. I’ll be back with a race wrap-up afterwards.

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